Thursday, 31 March 2011

Girl Power !!!! in ISLAM...

“They have to walk 10 steps behind their husband”
“They can’t even work”
Yeah! we heard it all before and probably a lot more. What is it with people thinking Islam treats women as second class citizens? Don’t tell me, you sometimes wonder that too?
Well STOP THERE, because you’ll be surprised just how many rights women are given in Islam. Not Convinced ? Read on ! You will soon realise that its not the Spice Girls who introduced 'Girl Power' but it was Islam.
Next time you think Islam oppresses women, a woman is worth half a man and that Islam treats them like second class citizens then never forget this:
What does Islam give to women? Islam elevated the status of women 1,400 years ago by declaring them equal to men, giving them the right to work, right to education to the highest level, right to vote, right to take public office, right to join the army, right to divorce (God forbid), right to inheritance, right to marry who she wishes (yippie!!) and so on and so forth, the list is endless….you got all day?

Are Muslim women allowed to work?
There is NO legal provision in either the Qur’an or the Sunnah (sayings & way of life, of the Prophet ( blessings and peace be upon him)) which prevents a woman from seeking a career or a job. Women are permitted to take up such important professions as teaching, medicine, lawyers, accountants, MP, journalist – just to name a few!
In British and other western countries women don’t even get paid equally for doing the same job as a man!
The money a Muslim woman earns is her own. In the Western world, on the other hand, any property a woman possessed, belonged exclusively to her husband. WHAT? It’s true.
So I hope that’s made things crystal clear!

Are Muslim women allowed to seek Education?
You bet they are! Acquiring knowledge in Islam, is a duty binding both males and females. In a hadith (saying) of the Prophet (Blessing and peace be upon him) it states:

"It is a duty on both men and women to seek knowledge (religious and secular)"
(Ibn Maajah)
Yet, it was not until the beginning of the 20th Century that Western women were allowed to attend University. Shocking!
So girls, get yourselves down to college/University!

Do you want to know something that will make you fall of your seat? Around that time the child was only recognised to have one parent – the father! In Islam, however, the status of the mother is so high, that the Prophet said – “Jannah ( Paradise) is at the feet of the Mother”.(Bukhari & Muslim )

Islam gave women political rights including voting and taking part in political activities such as sitting in parliament and becoming MPs. Lets not forget that women only got the right to vote in Britain in the beginning of the 20th century!
It took three generations for the British woman to win the most basic rights. Outrageous!Women underwent arrest, humiliation, hunger strikes, protest marches – JUST TO GET THE RIGHT TO VOTE!
Voting was secured as late as 1918. Society was very hostile towards women, regarding them as, wait for it – Deviants. Yet Islam gave women these rights 1400 years ago without them even asking for it!

What rights does a Muslim woman have over her husband?
If there’s one thing that the West believe to be true – is that a Muslim woman has to walk 10 steps behind her husband, she has no say in any matter and she’s there to cook, clean and look beautiful for her ‘Purpose in life’ (husband) to appear. YEAH RIGHT!
Just get your head around some of the rights Islam has provided for women and realise what real GIRL POWER is all about:-
  • Any money she earns or inherits is her own and her husband still has to provide for her… now we're talking about girl power!
  • On Marriage, she is entitled to receive a gift, Mahr, (which is usually in the form of money) and this is her own property.
  • Under Islamic Law a woman cannot be married off without her consent. She has final approval on a marriage partner and she can refuse and cancel a marriage arranged without her consent.
  • She is not required to change her maiden name upon marriage, as Islam recognizes her independent legal personality.
  • A great number of Jurists, say that the wife is not required to perform the household chores! ( Malik & Shafi – schools of thought).
  • Although the Prophet was such a great leader, he assisted in the house cleaning and mended his own clothes. SO HUSBANDS DO SOME HOUSEWORK PLEASE!
  • It is the husbands duty and full responsibility to provide expenses for: food, clothing, recreation etc, even if his wife is filthy rich!
  • Contrary to common belief – in the Islamic law a husband cannot, I repeat cannot, beat his wife or even mistreat his wife.
  • There is a saying of the Prophet ( Blessings and peace be upon him) “ … The best of those are those that are best to their wives”. (Tirmidi)
  • She also has the right to initiate a separation from marriage if her rights under marriage are not being granted. SO A WOMAN DOES HAVE THE RIGHT TO DIVORCE(or we call it as Fasakh).
  • Widows have the right to remarry, and they are in fact encouraged to do so.
  • The Customs of dowry, is a practice which has never been sanctioned by Islam.

I’ve got to stop or I’ll end up writing a book. Believe me this list is endless!

“Why do Muslim women have to cover? This is oppression surely!”
Nowadays, topless and mini skirts are OK but covering yourself is 'oppression'… Who you trying to fool? Take a good look around, be honest – do you think women are being degraded? Yep, so do I.
Women wearing next to nothing selling cars, plastered upon bill boards, upon magazines, the internet and just about anywhere and everywhere. Blimey, if that’s not degrading, what is? Islam emphasizes on modesty. No person should be seen as a sex object. Men also have to dress modestly.

What are the benefits in covering?
When a woman puts on her hijab, dresses moderately and steps out. She’s sending out a message LOUD & CLEAR – “Deal with my mind and not my body”. What will happen:-
  1. Men will stop flirting with you, they’ll start talking to you.
  2. You’ll be taken seriously, because they won’t be looking elsewhere.
  3. There will be no arm around the shoulder or waist, they’ll stand almost a yard apart.

Ask any sister who dresses Islamically, and she’ll tell you, that by behaving like a Muslimah, she attracts a GREAT AMOUNT OF RESPECT.

Not Islam, but sadly some Muslim men, do oppress women today. This is because of their cultural habits or their ignorance about Islam.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Adakah ALLAH di hati kita??????

Semasa Rasulullah s.a.w. dan Saidina Abu Bakar bersembunyi di Gua Thur, dalam perjalanan hendak berhijrah ke Madinah, musuh-musuh Islam sudah berdiri di hadapan pintu gua dan hampir menemui mereka.
Ketika Saidina Abu Bakar cemas, Rasulullah s.a.w. menenangkannya dengan berkata, "Jangan takut, ALLAH bersama kita."
Itulah kehebatan Rasulullah, ALLAH sentiasa di hatinya.
Ketika di ambang maut?
Sewaktu Da'thur, seorang tentera musuh menyerang hendap Rasulullah s.a.w. lalu meletakkan pedang di leher baginda dan bertanya, "Siapakah akan menyelamatkan kamu daripadaku?"
Jawab Rasulullah penuh yakin, "ALLAH."
Mendengar jawapan itu, gementarlah Da'thur dan terlepaslah pedang daripada tangannya. Itulah kehebatan Rasulullah... sentiasa ada DIA di hati baginda.
Ketika tiada siapa mengetahui?
Diceritakan juga bahawa pada suatu ketika Khalifah Umar Al-Khattab ingin menguji seorang budak gembala kambing di sebuah padang pasir. "Boleh kau jualkan kepadaku seekor daripada kambing-kambing yang banyak ini?"
"Maaf tuan, tidak boleh. Kambing ini bukan saya yang punya. Ia milik tuan saya. Saya hanya diamanahkan untuk menjaganya sahaja."
"Kambing ini terlalu banyak dan tidak ada sesiapa selain aku dan kamu di sini. Jika kau jualkan seekor kepadaku dan kau katakan kepada tuanmu bahawa kambing itu telah dimakan oleh serigala, tuanmu tidak akan mengetahuinya," desak Saidina Umar lagi, sengaja menguji.
"Kalau begitu, di mana ALLAH?" ujar budak itu.
Saidina Umar terdiam dan kagum dengan keimanan yang tinggi di dalam hati anak kecil itu. Walaupun hanya seorang gembala kambing yakni pekerja bawahan, tetapi dengan kejujuran dan keimanannya, dia punya kedudukan yang tinggi di sisiALLAH. Jelas ada DIA di hatinya.
Ketika kamu tiada jawatan?
Satu ketika yang lain, Saidina Khalid Al-Walid diturunkan pangkatnya daripada seorang jeneral menjadi seorang askar biasa oleh Khalifah Umar. Keesokannya, Saidina Khalid tetap ke medan perang dengan semangat yang sama. Tidak terjejas sedikit pun perasaan dan semangat jihadnya walaupun telah diturunkan pangkat.
Ketika ditanya mengapa, Saidina Khalid menjawab, "Aku berjuang bukan kerana Umar." Ya, Saidina Khalid berjuang kerana ALLAH. Ada DIA di hatinya.
Lalu, di mana Dia dihati kita?
Melihat anekdot-anekdot itu, aku terkesima lalu bertanya kepada diri, di manakah DIA dalam hatiku?
Apakah ALLAH sentiasa menjadi pergantungan harapan dan tempat merujuk serta membujuk hatiku yang rawan?
ALLAH ciptakan manusia hanya dengan satu hati. Di sanalah sewajarnya cinta ALLAH bersemi. Jika cinta ALLAH yang bersinar, sirnalah segala cinta yang lain. Tetapi jika sebaliknya, cinta selain-NYA yang ada di situ, maka cinta ALLAH akan terpinggir. Ketika itu, tiada DIA di hatiku!
Sering diri ini berbicara sendiri, bersendikan sedikit ilmu dan didikan daripada guru-guru dalam hidupku, kata mereka (dan aku amat yakin dengan kata itu);
"Bila ALLAH ada di hatimu, kau seolah-olah memiliki segala-galanya. Itulah kekayaan, ketenangan dan kebahagiaan yang hakiki."
Kata-kata itu sangat menghantui diriku. Ia menyebabkan aku berfikir, merenung dan bermenung, apakah ALLAH menjadi tumpuan dalam hidupku?
Apakah yang aku fikir, rasa, lakukan dan laksanakan sentiasa merujuk kepada-NYA?
Bila bertembung antara kehendak-NYA dengan kehendakku, kehendak siapa yang aku dahulukan? Sanggupkah aku menyayangi hanya kerana-NYA? Tegakah aku membenci juga kerana-NYA?
Muhasabah ini melebar lagi. Lalu aku tanyakan pada diri, bagaimana sikapku terhadap hukum-hakam-MU?
Sudahkah aku melawan hawa nafsu untuk patuh dan melakukan segala yang wajib sekalipun perit dan sakit ketika melaksanakannya? Sudahkah aku meninggalkan segala yang haram walaupun kelihatan indah dan seronok ketika ingin melakukannya?
Soalan-soalan ini sesungguhnya telah menimbulkan lebih banyak persoalan. Bukan akal yang menjawabnya, tetapi rasa hati yang amat dalam. Aku tidak dapat mendustai-MU, ya ALLAH.
Dan aku juga tidak dapat mendustai diri sendiri
Aku teringat bagaimana suatu ketika seorang sufi diajukan orang dengan satu soalan, "Apakah engkau takutkan ALLAH?"
Dia menangis dan menjawab, "Aku serba salah untuk menjawab ya atau tidak. Jika aku katakan tidak, aku akan menjadi seorang yang kufur. Sebaliknya kalau aku katakan ya, aku terasa menjadi seorang munafik. Sikapku amat berbeza dengan kata-kata. Orang yang takutkan ALLAH bergetar hatinya bila mendengar ayat-ayat ALLAH tapi aku tidak..."
Maksudnya, jika seorang sufi yang hatinya begitu hampir dengan ALLAH pun sukar bila ditanyakan apakah ada DIA di hatinya, lebih-lebih lagilah aku yang hina dan berdosa ini.
Di hatiku masih ada dua cinta yang bergolak dan berbolak-balik. Antara cinta ALLAH dan cinta dunia sedang berperang dengan begitu hebat dan dahsyat sekali.
Kalau kau tanyakan aku, "Adakah DIA di hatimu?"
Aku hanya mampu menjawab, "Aku seorang insan yang sedang bermujahadah agar ada DIA di hatiku. Aku belum sampai ke tahap mencintai-NYA tetapi aku yakin aku telah memulakan langkah untuk mencintai-NYA."
Justeru, kerana belum ada DIA di hatiku, hidupku belum bahagia, belum tenang, dan belum sejahtera. Aku akan terus mencari. Aku yakin ALLAH itu dekat, pintu keampunan-NYA lebih luas daripada pintu kemurkaan-NYA.
Selangkah aku mendekat, seribu langkah DIA merapat. Dan akhirnya... aku yakin... suatu saat nanti, akan ada DIA di hatiku dan di hatimu jua.
Dan kita akan terus mengemis kasih...

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

bila ana rasa bowink..????

keja ana bila bowink..edit seberapa banyak gmbr y ada..biaqpn ana x pro xslhkn mncuba..antara y ana da edit..

Saturday, 26 March 2011

PlayBook by BlackBerry

With simplified and advanced operating system BlackBerry is going to launch PlayBook. It would be highly compatible with current web requirements such like HTML5. This BlackBerry Tablet Operating System also called as QNX, supports open GL and PSIX. It will also be compatible with Adobe AIR and Flash 10.1. It comes up with 1GHZ processor, 1GB of Ram, 3MP camera with 5MP lens and 1024X600, 7″ display. Playbook offer video conferencing and features micro USB jack, 1080p resolution, Wi-Fi, HDMI port and Blue Tooth. Playbook is hardly just 0.4” thick and approximately weighs just 450 grams. It is possible to extract the data out of BlackBerry on PlayBook with the help of BlueTooth tethering application.

Friday, 25 March 2011

creating the new blog

this my new blog..hope thiz will be the great blog..huahua

aspire game

Cisco Aspire Game beta 4.0

cisco telah membina satu game yang memberikan pengalaman yang menyeronokkan buat pelajar cisco networking ini memerlukan pemain game tersebut configure network sama ada di cafe,sekolah atau dimna sja..buat student2 cisco networking academy@politeknik kuching sarawak,jabatan teknologi maklumat & komunikasi y nk game nie,leh jmpa sy bla2 jak.."this is a network"...
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